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School Closure Resources

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closures

Decisions to close or delay school due to weather are generally made by 6:30 a.m. or, when possible, the night before. 

When schools are closed due to weather or other emergency situations, parents/guardians have several options where information can be obtained:

  1. ParentSquare - NCSD will contact families and staff through Parentsquare (email, text, and app notification) in the case of an emergency closure. Depending on the timing and nature of the closure or emergency, NCSD may also contact families by phone call through Parentsquare. 
  2. Register for FlashAlert, which provides school closure information via text, email, or an app:
  3. Call the School Closure Hotline: 503-353-6020. Updates are provided in English, Spanish, and Russian. The hotline is updated by 6:30 a.m. on days when schools are impacted by weather or other unforeseen events. 
  4. Visit NCSD’s website. In the event of a school closure, there will be a pop-up on all district and school web pages announcing closure or delay information. 
  5. Follow the district Twitter page (@nc12schools).
  6. Follow North Clackamas Schools on Facebook
    • Siga a las Escuelas North Clackamas en Facebook.
    • Следите за новостями в Facebook
  7. Watch: TV Channels KATU 2, KOIN 6, KGW 8 and KPTV 12.
  8. Listen: 1190 KEX AM/103.3 KKCW FM Radio

Transportation Considerations 

The safe movement of students is a priority of NCSD’s Transportation Department at all times, and inclement weather conditions can make servicing all school bus routes difficult. During snow/ice conditions, NCSD does not employ a network of snow routes. NCSD has found snow routes to be confusing for parents/guardians, and they can place students in potentially unsafe situations on unfamiliar streets.  

Therefore, if weather conditions make operating the bus route network unfeasible, NCSD will likely cancel school. Weather conditions can be unpredictable, so there may be a situation when conditions will allow schools to remain open, but an individual stop or route are rendered inaccessible. In these rare instances, the Transportation Department will send an automated SchoolMessenger notification to everyone at the impacted school.  

School Closure/Delay Considerations

The decision to close schools or alter the schedule due to weather or other considerations is not made easily, and is done with an appreciation for the impacts on students and families. We also know these decisions will not be met with universal approval. Following are some of the considerations NCSD balances:

  1. The impact on student/staff safety.
  2. ​Whether there is adequate time to inform parents/guardians, particularly those of elementary students.  
  3. Conditions at present and expected during the day, as transporting students via bus is at least a three-hour undertaking because buses serve multiple schools. For example, a forecast justifying closing schools at 2pm means students start boarding buses at 11am, and recalling drivers to report early begins at 9:30am.
  4. Weather conditions district wide. NCSD has 31 schools across more than 40 square miles, and winter weather conditions can vary across the district.
  5. Road, sidewalk and parking lot conditions district-wide.
  6. Ability of schools having the resources they need, such as uninterrupted electricity, food deliveries, stable heating, etc.
  7. Advice from municipal authorities

Inclement Weather Definitions 

School Closure:

When schools are closed for the day due to an unforeseen emergency, such as weather. The school building will not be used for day care, evening events, classes, or activities. The term does not apply to days where schools are not in session for planned reasons i.e. holidays, conferences, etc.

Two-Hour Delay:

Schools will be opened, but two hours late. Buses will operate as close to two hours behind schedule as road conditions allow. A two-hour delay may apply to a specific school, or group of schools, such as all elementary schools, etc. ***On late-start Wednesdays, bus service for middle schools will run ONE HOUR behind the late-start schedule (or two hours behind schedule for a regular-start day). For example, if your student's pick-up time on a late-start Wednesday is 9:30 a.m., their pick-up time on a 2-hour-delay late-start Wednesday would be 10:30 a.m. ****

When there is a two-hour delay:

  • Daycare services begin at 8:30 a.m.
  • Elementary schools begin two hours after normal start times; see specific school website for normal start time.
  • Middle schools will start at 11:30 a.m., including Wednesdays.

  • Sabin Schellenberg Professional Technical Center classes begin at 12:25 p.m. for 3rd and 4th period only.
  • High schools start two hours late, starting with second period. Regular bell schedules for 3rd and 4th period.
  • ​Staff members should report at regular times or as soon as they can arrive safely.   

Early Release:

When schools must close early. Transportation will be arranged, and all activities, including childcare, are canceled.