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Mission and Vision

Happy Valley Middle School exists to provide each student a safe and academically challenging learning environment that will prepare life-long learners to meet the needs of a dynamic world. By addressing individual learning styles and needs, we believe that all students can and will achieve at high academic levels.

In order to prepare students for successful next steps, the staff of Happy Valley Middle School is committed to developing the academic, social, and emotional strengths of each student.

We believe we must ENGAGE students in learning that:

  • provides advanced literacy and numeracy skills in an on-going rigorous curriculum

  • embeds technology to leverage how today's learners participate in their world

  • practices and models sustainability and conservation 

  • connects with other cultures, languages, and learners

We believe we must INSPIRE students to:

  • make healthy choices physically, socially, and emotionally

  • be creative, curious, and insightful contributors to society

  • hope, build trust, model respect, and celebrate success

  • find relevance in learning through exploration, mentorship, stewardship, and service

We believe we must ensure that students are READY as learners to:

  • think critically, problem solve, and work collaboratively with others

  • navigate, analyze, and apply information  

  • connect globally with issues and ideas that impact the world 

  • participate in advanced and college credit classes in high school